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EPROPA (European Program for ROutine testing of Patients with Advanced lung cancer) is a program addressed to European patients with oncogene-addicted advanced Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) to increase the opportunities of molecular diagnostics and facilitate the access to clinical trials.

A European network dedicated to connecting patients


To increase their molecular screening

The advent of Next-Generation Sequencing in the management of NSCLC patients had improved their therapeutic opportunities.


To facilitate their accrual in clinical trials

Defining the molecular landscape of these patients allows to identify alterations actionable by targeted therapies.


To provide them a logistic support

To match this information with the accessibility into clinical trials is of paramount relevance toward better patients’ outcome and WALCE provides free logistical support to patients and a caregiver to access available clinical trial available outside the country of residence.

What can EPROPA do for me?

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In numbers

A growing community

Leveraging scientific networking, physicians joining to this project will experience the chance to discuss molecular data and treatment options.

Clinical trials

As of September 2020

Admitted patients

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If you are interested in this specific project, please "CONTACT WALCE" to gain more information and directly ask opportunities to proceed or call at he WALCE Office: +39-0119026980

A structured network of institutions and companies

The aim of EPROPA is to create a European Research Network, involving Centers of Expertise in the treatment of lung cancer, different Pharma Companies and other entities, named the University of Turin and the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) that have endorsed this program.




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How doctors welcome EPROPA

"Two years and half have already gone since the launch of the EPROPA program and we are pleased to announce that a new center in Romania, the Centrul de Oncologie Oncohelp in Timisoara has obtained the Ethics Committee approval and will be part of this network. So several centers are already active and offer this opportunity to their patients. As always, many patients have contacted us, involving their centers of cure and we are pleased to have been of support in the diagnostic and therapeutic approach. During these years we have been able to identify target molecular alterations in many of the samples examined and the number of patients benefiting from EPROPA, by accessing a clinical trial available in another center, out of their place of residence has increased at 12 people”

Prof. Silvia Novello

President WALCE and Head of Thoracic Oncology Unit - San Luigi Hospital Orbassano/Turin – Italy

The voice of Partner Centers

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WALCE (Women Against Lung Cancer in Europe) is a non-profit Organisation based in Italy and networking at European level, founded in 2006 with the primary aim to increase women’s awareness about the significant incidence and mortality of lung cancer in female population and to support patients affected by this disease (and their families). WALCE currently provides accurate and updated information about lung cancer in terms of prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and it wants to promote communication strategies aim to aware public opinion and decision makers on damages of smoking. WALCE is mainly involved in: information and education dedicated to patients and their families, patient support programs and primary prevention.

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